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Tired of mascara letting you down?

Tired of mascara letting you down?

We want a mascara that’s got our back don’t we? Not one that lets us down. We’ve all been there, see the advert buy the product and got a serious episode of lash droop or flake by lunch time.....  That’s what drove us to make our first product, the ultimate everyday mascara, CODE VLM, quickly followed by the lash primer CODE FFL, to take your lashes from famished to full flutter in seconds AND last all day and night.

CODE VLM is the ultimate everyday mascara. On it’s own it volumises, lengthens, thickens and curls. Once you have tried it there will be no going back to being let down or feeling like you’ve wasted money. 
CODE FFL (Forget Fake Lashes) is your secret weapon for achieving that fake lash look without any damage to your lashes. Add it under your mascara (pair with CODE VLM for the best results), you will see an instant upgrade in your lashes not only in an instant but also the condition of your lashes over time too. 

To get the most out of both products you will need to tweak the way you apply mascara...: 

Roots - To start get your brush as close to the roots of your lashes (without poking yourself in your eye of course!).     


Wriggle – Then once you are at the root you wriggle your brush at the base of your lashes, slowly moving it back and forth, this step helps to create a thick and volumised look from the root (most of us already do this right?) but the 3rd bit is the game changer... 


Roll - Finally roll the brush handle in-between your fingers as you move it to the end of your lashes - we mean roll, as in completely twist the brush through your fingers not just a sweep up. This will give your lashes a long-lasting curl and give you that fanned-out, elegant look.    

Here is a video of Sarah doing the roots wriggle and roll technique.      

Love from,   
Sarah and Emma x   

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