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The fix for sparse, fading or over plucked brows

The fix for sparse, fading or over plucked brows

Beautiful brows come in all shapes and sizes. One thing we all have in common is nobody has time for brows, we want to roll out of bed with them looking perfect, but it is not always possible for some of us with our sparse over plucked brows. That is where CODE NBD –Natural Brow Definer comes in to action.  


How to get beautiful brows  

First off, it will be a massive help if you have a few hairs to start you off with, no matter how sparse or fine the product only works on hair not skin 

With the first application you might need to brush off at the top of the bottle to get any product excess off the brush. You use the tip of the brush to start at the inner edge of your brows, then brush up and over to sweep through the rest of your brows gliding effortlessly on.  Build it up to get the right depth of colour for you.  The product is really light weight so whilst it might feel like there’s not a lot of product, there is plenty for you to use for a few months.  

CODE NBD is designed to thicken, shape and define your brows once applied you are then ready to go and you will be safe in the knowledge that your eyebrows will not budge all day, the product wont smudge or flake.  

If you have some grey showing through or faded hairs the ingredients will help your brows get back to their natural colour so keep using it every day and watch them tint the grey and faded colour away. 


Picking the perfect shade for you  

If you are fair haired, blonde, grey, or do not like your brows too dark the bronze shade is perfect for you. 

Then if you are blonde but like brows a bit darker the brown shade will be perfect for you  

Finally if you have darker hair the black shade will be perfect for you.  

If you prefer a more visual guide tap HERE for a video for all our customers to see what best matches you, and here’s Margaret, Emma and Sarah wearing all three shades. 

Can't wait to hear what you think of your new soft, shapely and defined eyebrows that will take you seconds to achieve. 

Don't just take it from us, here is what our CODE Customers have been saying:



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