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The 4 product eye lift you don’t want to miss 

The 4 product eye lift you don’t want to miss 

4 products, 3 minutes, 2 eyes, and 1 step by step blog is all you need for this instant eye lift trick. With CODE VLMCODE FFLCODE LLE  and CODE NBD at the ready in your makeup bag you are ready to get the ultimate eye lift without spending thousands and undergoing the knife! 


First up, to create the illusion is CODE LLE (the clue is in the name) it is a Lid Lift Enhance! You only need to place two tiny dots on your eyelids- remember to be gentle and not be pulling on your skin as this will defeat the objective. Being a 3-in-1 (concealer, primer and eyeshadow) it can lift and brighten the most tired eyes - this is your secret weapon.  


Next, you will need to prime your eyelashes with CODE FFL. This helps too seriously amp up your lash game, taking your lashes from famished to full flutter. Remember to leave a 30 second space between applying CODE FFL!  

Adding CODE VLM, the ultimate everyday mascara, on top of CODE FFL will help you achieve the lifted look. Making your eyes look wide awake thanks to its full bristle brush with different length bristles that is designed to grab each and every lash, to create a defined, volusimed and lifted look.  


The final step to secure the lifted look is CODE NBD for brows. Having a small brush CODE NBD makes it easy to get precise every time. Along with product that glides on effortlessly on, you will get well defined results in a matter of seconds.

We would LOVEEEE to see your before and afters of this lifted look! So, send them over to hello@code-beautiful.com or tag us on social, we can’t wait to see them!  

If you want to see them in action here or shop now

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