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Some spring inspiration for you...

Some spring inspiration for you...

So, I'm bringing you some gift ideas today, for mothers; that’s dog mums, cat mums, human mums, the mums we’ve chosen, the friends that are just like mums and all those solo mamas out there who should absolutely treat themselves. 

If you want to go big... 

We’ve got THE ultimate Mother's Day gifts.... EVERYTHING SHE NEEDS.  This will give her a serious spring in her step, that get up and glow feeling....

CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara

Will be her ultimate everyday mascara.

CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner

Will give her super statement lips.

CODE HTG Hydrate Tint Glow

The serious multitasker for lips, eyes and cheeks.

CODE LLE Lid Lift Enhance

To conceal, lift, primer and bronze.

CODE NBD Natural Brow Definer

Will give her naturally defined and tinted brows.

If you want to give her an instant eye opener 

CODE FFL & CODE VLM is the ultimate lash duo they will upgrade her lashes and have people asking if she's had lash inserts, but without the damage and with allll the nourishment.  

If none of those take your fancy today shop your choice here.

I filmed for some inspiration for you... click here to play.

Happy International Women's Day!
Sarah x

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