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Say hello to naturally defined brows every day

Say hello to naturally defined brows every day

Coming in all different shapes and sizes eyebrows can be a tricky one to master. But no matter how you choose to style your eyebrows, there is one thing for certain you want them to stay in place alllll day long but come off easily at night... How about an added bonus – a daily tint? Now there’s some serious value to you.
That is exactly what CODE NBD does. With a couple of quick, easy swipes of the brush your eyebrows are set for the day. Built with a small brush it is easy for you to get precise and to get your eyebrow hairs going in the direction you want. If you want to build your eyebrows up to create a bold look CODE NBD can help with that and if you prefer a more natural look CODE NBD had you covered too! That daily tint means if you want to save some Monday on your eyebrow tints and trips to the salon you can.
Coming in three shades
01 Black: Is great for is you have dark hair or are after a bolder cooler eyebrow look
02 Brown: Is perfect if you are after quite dark but warmer look
03 Bronze: Designed for the fairer, blonde or grey hair bronze is perfect
If you are unsure of what shade to get just drop us a quick message and we can help you out! We love that CODE NBD not only frames your face, helps your brows look fab and stay in place, but it also acts as a daily tint as it restores your hair's natural pigmentation. Since I have been wearing it I no longer get my brows tinted as technically I'm doing it daily! Winner one less trip to the salon.
Here is a video of Emma, Mum and I showing each shade.
Love from,
Sarah x
PS. It’s no big deal – just naturally defined brows every day.

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