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Running late you need this...?

Running late you need this...?

We are back with some rushing about in the morning tips and tricks, for appointments, work or late for the school run, where did the summer go?  
I know the feeling of running out the door trying to get Lily to school on time, making sure the Poppy and Kwazii (puppy and cat) have been fed and a million other things to remember, meaning doing your makeup might not fit into the busy morning schedule.  
But hopefully, these tips and tricks can help you feel and look naturally vibrant in a couple of mins even if it’s done in the car (this is a regular occurrence for me)!  
First is my life saver on the school run. CODE LLE – the antidote to tired eyes, you only need a few small dots on and around the eyelid. Gently blend it in with either your finger or a small brush. This will lift and brighten your eyes within seconds. It's not called the antidote to tried eyes for nothing 😉  
Then add a coat or two of CODE VLM (honestly that is all you need) will give you thick, volumised lashes that won’t smudge or clump for the rest of the day. Roots wriggling and rolling the brush will give you the best results.   
Finally, to pull the look together CODE LIP, makes you look and feel great in a quick easy application. The Nude rose shade suits all skin tones and looks different on everyone, with an added bonus of not being sticky either, so no hair will be sticking to your lips as you are hurrying out the door. Unlike other lip plumpers on the market, CODE LIP won’t irritate your lips causing a temporary swell, it works overtime to fill in fine lines. 

If you do have a bit more time to spare in the morning here is a quick 5-minute tutorial using all our products

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