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Need a lash upgrade?

Need a lash upgrade?

We thought we’d break it down for those of you who want to learn how to take their lashes to a WHOLE new level #lashupgrade

What is a pre-mascara lash plumper?

Well, it’s pretty much a primer for your eyelashes to give you fuller, more volumised lashes before you apply mascara. Think of it as the spanx to your little black dress. A serious lash upgrade for those who have short sparse lashes or who just want to 'up their lash game' and get mega lashes!

What does an eye lash primer do?

We can only really comment on our own primer, but CODE FFL basically coats eat lash with creamy fibres that don't irritate the eye or fall out throughout the day, mainly because you can hardly tell the fibres are there as there as they are mixed into the creamy formula. Our primer gives you a head start by building up your lashes before you apply your mascara. CODE FFL pre mascara lash plumper gives eyelashes the scaffolding they need for length, volume and thickness, giving you the appearance of fuller lashes.  It also conditions the lashes, so if you wear it regularly you will notice that your natural lashes are in much better condition.

How do you use mascara primer?

After applying it, wait 30 seconds and then apply your mascara.  By combining CODE FFLs super sturdy brush, clever conditioning and volumising formula and the 'roots wriggle roll' technique to apply it, CODE FFL will be deposited where you need it the most.  Starting at the base of the lash, the twist and roll through motion of the brush will comb through the lashes and give you the lash length that you desire. Apply and repeat until you get the look you want, either with CODE VLM mascara or whichever is your current fave.  CODE FFL will enhance most mascaras.

What is a lash building primer?

This is a great way of getting a head start in the lash upgrade game!  A pre mascara lash plumper, like CODE FFL, will enhance your natural lashes before you apply your mascara.  So if you are looking for more lash length, lash volume and fuller lashes then a primer or pre mascara lash plumper will get you there faster.  Our own CODE FFL also conditions the lashes so if you wear it every day for a month you will notice the difference in your natural lashes. Apply an eyelash primer before your favourite mascara and see the instant difference it makes.

How can I make my eyelashes grow?

Well start by eating well. Vitamins and minerals will help stimulate lash growth and we hear that by taking biotin and coconut supplements, this can help with regeneration and conditioning of hair, including your lashes. CODE FFL, Forget Fake Lashes is packed with conditioning ingredients to support the lash growth process.  By wearing it every day, you will see your lashes in better condition and it will encourage the lash regeneration process and within 4 to 6 weeks you will have better conditioned lashes.

False lashes v’s mascara primer?

forget fake lashes








Well, we all know the problems associated with false  / fake lashes, not only do you inevitably get lash damage but you also run the risk of them falling off half way through the night #notcool.  A mascara primer or pre mascara lash plumper (as we like to call CODE FFL), gives you a really cool alternative to false lashes, you’ll get fuller, thicker, longer lashes but with a much more elegant look.  Lashes are separated, volumised and much more youthful looking.

Get your hands on CODE FFL, our pre-mascara lash plumper here >> http://code-beautiful.com/collections/frontpage/products/code-ffl


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