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My Holiday Beauty Essentials

July 12, 2019

My Holiday Beauty Essentials

I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS overpack for holidays. My suitcase is normally brimming with more clothes than the duration of my holiday and I’m always in a panic the night before about whether I’m going to be over the weight limit. 

However, when it comes to packing my toiletries, I’m a big advocate of travelling light (not only does it mean more room for bikinis, but I also hate the feeling of wearing too much makeup on holiday). 

I’ve rounded up my top 5 holiday must-haves… now to just keep my eyes closed through duty free!!  




If you only take one thing on holiday, please please make sure it’s sun cream! Looking after your skin should be your number one priority. You’ll still get a gorgeous golden glow but you’ll be giving your skin some of the protection it needs. 




I literally cannot go a single day without wearing mascara, it makes me look and feel more awake and I love when I have that golden glow and only need to put on a couple of coats of mascara to be ready for dinner in the evening. You might think you need a waterproof mascara, but the formulas are actually really heavy and harsh on your lashes, so I’d recommend looking for a water-resistant formula instead; I’ve tested CODE VLM on several holidays now and can confidently say it doesn’t budge even when the weather is one big cloud of humidity! 




Keeping my evening routine minimal is so important to me on holiday, after all it means more time for exploring and drinks! I can be a bit of a fragrance hoarder when I’m at home but I force myself to only take one on holiday. My go to at the moment has been Gucci Bloom, it screams summer… it’s feminine and floral but not too sweet… for me, it’s the perfect holiday scent. 




After a day in the sun or travelling around, I often feel like my face has accumulated so much grime (I feel the same way after travelling on the tube in London to be honest!) so I love ending the day with a good cleanser. A simple cleanse morning and night keeps my skin clear and happy and means I’m going back to the UK with a golden glow rather than a million breakouts!  




There’s nothing I love more than a multi-tasking product that makes my life easier. I recently heard about these all-in-one moisture pads that are enriched with hyaluronic acid and act as a toner, essence and moisturiser all in one. They are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants... they’ll definitely be going in my case next holiday!!  



What are your holiday must-haves? 

 Chloe x 

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