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Is it time to replace your mascara?

Is it time to replace your mascara?

Hands up, how long have you hung on to your favourite mascara? And what about that lipstick, the one you’ve been meaning to chuck out since 1999? We all have that one product that we’ve had for years (or a couple… guilty).

One of the most important pieces of knowledge you should have, is how often you should change, throw away or replace your beauty products. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but giving your makeup bag a spring clean is not only better for your skin’s health, but will also make getting ready quicker and easier.

Did you know you should replace your mascara every 3 months? There are some pretty good reasons why and we’re here to keep your eyes safe as well as giving you luscious lashes!


So let’s find out… why should we replace our mascara 4 times a year?

Every time you apply your mascara wand to your lashes and put it back into the tube, you’re transferring bacteria into the mascara, and although the preservatives in mascara do their job at first, over time they become less effective.

The moist, dark environment of the mascara tube is a haven for germs and sticking a wand full of bacteria near the one feature you use to see is risky to say the least. It can lead to all sorts, such as, conjunctivitis, sties and infections, which is why the recommended replacement timeframe for mascara tubes is about three months.

Trust us, we know no one wants to throw their favourite mascara in the bin after 3 months but along with these health risks, mascaras also dry out and clump after around this time so treating yourself to a top up is a no brainer in our eyes. 


How about sharing my mascara with friends, surely I can do that…right?

Absolutely not! When it comes to the hefty list of beauty do’s and don’ts, sharing eye makeup is definitely at the top. It can be so tempting when you’re getting ready with your friends for a big night out, and someone wants to borrow some of your makeup. But picture this; you’re about to lend something swarming with your bacteria to someone who will add their own bacteria to the mix. Gross, right?!

Your eyes are one of the most delicate features on your face and as they don’t have the same layer of protection as your skin, they are open to more infections.

Take it from us, mascara is not one of the things you want to share with your BFF. Bottles of wine and hilarious Tik Toks,  however are completely fine to share!

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