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How to Work from Home and Stay Productive (and Sane)

How to Work from Home and Stay Productive (and Sane)

Working from home can present some challenges. Its tricky to stay motivated and who doesnt miss the office banter? Not only that, but when theres no separation between where you work and where you relax, everything can start to blur together. Here are some the things were trying to stay productive (and sane).


1.) Create a work station

If at all possible, create a space in your house to work from thats separate from your living and relaxation space. Ideally, away from your couch, TV and kitchen. 

2.) Get ready for work

Dont stay in your pajamas. Lay out your work clothes in the evening, set your alarm for bright and early. Get ready for the day as though you were heading into work. This will help you get out of the lounging on the couch mindset and into get sh*t done mode. That doesnt mean a full face of make up and your best killer outfit we think just a few products to make yourself look awake fresh and ready and your best home work outfits ( ok they may have elasticated waists as video calls wont care about the bottom half ). The essentials we think are CODE LLE lid lift Enhance  The antidote to tired eyes. A swipe of CODE VLM volumising lengthening mascara and for fresh hydration and super smooth lips CODE LIP Lip intense plumper. 


3.) Assign time slots to your to-do list

Tasks tend to fill the time allotted to them. To make sure you dont spend all day staring at your screen and writing one email, assign a set amount of time to each of the things you have to do.  We like to use a passion planner it breaks up your day in half our slots and allows you to set your main focus for the day. 


4.) Take micro-breaks

It can be difficult to maintain sustained focus for long periods of time especially when working from home. Take micro-breaks to reward yourself for completing tasks. Set an alarm for 25 minute work sprints with no distractions, then stand up, stretch, check your phone or snuggle your dog.  

5.) Set out clear working hours.

Get real with yourself on when you are most productive and focused. Designate your working hours accordingly and stick to them (including a proper lunch break). Make sure to delineate between work time and personal time. But seriously flexibly from your employer is key in the current climate, some of you are juggling home schooling potentially with work so as long as you get the work done who cares if its 7am to 9am and 7:30pm to 10pm? Flexible working is the way forward we think not just for now but for when we come out the other side of this pandemic. 

Who would have thought wed all miss going to work so much?

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