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How to beat the Monday blues

How to beat the Monday blues

21st January is officially the most depressing day of the year. Our festive cheer has disappeared, we’re not eating chocolate for breakfast anymore and payday is still SO far away! It’s easy to see why you might be feeling a little bit down in the dumps at the moment.

Rather than feeling blue, we’ve put together some self-care ideas to help you combat those feelings before the 6am alarm tomorrow.


A personal favourite and in my opinion, can solve all problems… a nice, warm bath. For the ultimate relaxation, why not add some bath oils.

Treat Yourself

Already know that you’re going to be looking tired tomorrow? Treat yourself to some new mascara and fake that wide awake look for the rest of January.

CODE VLM will be your new best friend and instant pick me up for when you need to get out the door quickly while still looking fresh as a daisy.

Stop Living for the weekend

If you dread waking up on a Monday it’s probably because your week isn’t going to be filled with the most enjoyable things ever. Just because you’re working a 9-5 job (or whatever hours you do), doesn’t mean you can’t add things in that’ll give you something to look forward to. Maybe lunch with a friend or a gym class in the evening, if you’ve got these things planned in, Mondays will immediately look less bleak.

Friends and Family

Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean we stop seeing people for a month. Why not invite a loved one over for dinner, a film and glass of wine is sure to take your mind off a day of work tomorrow.


A tired person is a moody person, it’s pretty simple. The most important part of self-care and a vital ingredient for non-miserable Monday, a good nights sleep.

 Social Break

There is no doubt that social media is a big part of all of our lives. You can hardly go out for a meal without having people upload pictures of their food to Instagram or take a quick selfie.

However, social media can often give us a distorted version of reality. We tend not to see the struggles or low points in the lives of others which makes us feel more conscious of our own flaws. This can lead to the mindset of seeking validation from others and allowing your happiness to be dependent on others.

Sometimes taking a break from social media can be the release we all need, try logging off from all social media activity at 8pm each night and instead pick up a book and get totally lost in it. You’ll feel the difference!



How do you combat the Monday blues?


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