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We’ve already accepted the fact that celebrities seem to possess this unknown gene that allows them to be ridiculously perfect without even trying. But what about the rest of us that don’t wake up naturally with wide awake eyes and flushed cheeks that could rival a newborn baby?


We would be lying if we said we didn’t want to wake up looking like Beyoncé, but the reality is, most mornings we’ve got eyebags the size of small countries and hair that requires an army to style!


If you’re searching for a makeup look that is less ‘full on glam’ and more ‘a dab will do ya’, then the no makeup makeup look is exactly what you need to get you looking a bit chirpier in the mornings and get you out the door quickly.





Wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser, then use a toner and finish off with your favourite day moisturiser. Don’t forget, if your skin looks good, your makeup will always look better.




A good primer, especially with a slight tint, will blur out blemishes and keep your makeup in place all day.




Apply concealer to any blemishes or redness and in a triangle underneath your eyes. Use your fingers to pat it all in and you’ll instantly have a great base for your natural makeup look.




For your cheeks, apply a pink toned blusher across where you would normally be flushed. Don’t forget to blend it in until you have a very subtly colour.




A little mascara can help anyone look a little more awake and ready to take on the day. We recommend using CODE VLM, one or two coats will be perfect and you can always top it up later on in the day if you have evening plans, and it won’t go clumpy!




When it comes to your lips, do whatever the hell you want! We love using CODE LIP as you can’t beat the way it makes thin, pale lips, plump and pink instantly. But if you can’t leave the house without your red lipstick, or are partial to a tinted balm, you go for it!



Don’t forget to fake it till you make it; we don’t all have the luxury of unlimited beauty sleep!

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