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Dark circles, hooded or tired eyes....?

Dark circles, hooded or tired eyes....?

Here's the story of how i got rid of them....Read on....
I don't know about you but it drives me crazy, my tired and slightly hooded eyes and those dark circles that just make me look even more tired....!  I've tried all of the solutions....non of them really worked so as I'm too much of a wimp to get my eyelids lifted like my mother did i decided i need the next best thing!
Ever wondered how we make such stand out products that do what they say they will....? 
We started work with one of our Italian manufacturers to make a product that is now our best seller and turned out to solve many more challenges for me than hooded eyes and dark circles... So when I'm developing a product it's a pretty long process, it usually takes a couple years. Those of you that know us will know that we never launch a product until it's absolutely perfect! Not just for us but our family and our inner circle of trusted customers who help us get the product over the final line to market.  Here's how we created the antidote to tired eyes.
Step 1 - there's nothing more powerful than a group of women on a mission...
We make products that not only solve some of our own challenges but also those of our customers, when we get enough requests to make a product, solve a problem or help with something that our customers just can't find the perfect product for, we start work with our LIST the holy grail list... the must have's, nice to have's and absolutely don't wants.  We collectively came up with this list..... ( Emma and I, our customers and friends and family ) 
The must have's 
  • brighten eyelids
  • lift and smooth fine lines
  • act as an eye primer to hold any eyeshadow in place all day 
  • be a natural eyeshadow for those who just don't have the time or inclination for fancy shadows 
  • to not have to be an exact skin tone match, but cover all skin ranges
  • to feel silky and smooth
  • easy to apply 
  • only need a little bit of it ( we are all fans of less is more... ) 
  • to give great value for money 
  • be vegan & cruelty free  (for our vegan customers and pretty much everyone else who is anti animal testing ) 
The absolutely don't wants 
  • to feel like a heavy concealer
  • to sit in fine lines
  • to dry and show on the skin
  • to not last 
  • to not conceal veins and darkness
  • drag on the skin and feel dry 
The nice to have's
  • solve more than one challenge or problem
  • to highlight
  • to contour 
  • to bronze where needed 
  • to conceal any other imperfections, we imagine we have 🙂
OK so step one done.... phew!  We then had to work out which of our manufacturers are going to be best place to make this new multifunctional antidote to tired eyes! AND check out what was the best on the market already...
Step 2 - Reviewing the market 
As you can imagine this step is super important, we asked our customers which products they liked or almost did the job for them.... We bought all those products and make a list of what was great about them and what needed some more work.... We narrowed it down to a few great products and set ourselves a challenge to improve on the best.
Step 3 - Letting the lab make the magic happen.
Once we decided which manufacturer, we wanted to work with on this project we brief them and look at what they already had developing, we decide on a base formula, and set to work to tweak and develop it so that we could tick as many things as possible off our list... This is the hard bit! We are known for being pedantic about every aspect of NPD ( new product development ) we test, test and test again...until it's perfect. Testing isn't just about the formula, it's about the component it goes into, our industry is soooo far behind on sustainability and the UK isn't set up for recycling small items like cosmetics, but we do the best we can within the limitations to be a sustainable environmentally conscious brand whilst delivering the best-in-class products we do.
Step 4 - Rallying the troops 
Once we are happy with it, we as in, Myself Sarah, in my 40's, My sister Emma, in her 30's and our mother Margaret in her 60's this gives us a great age range to work with, once the 3 of us are happy we then invite our friends and family to test. Once they are happy we then invite our VIP customers and our CODE Beautiful Connect Facebook group to get involved, that might be by talking to us, answering some questions or trying out the product and sending us their feedback.  If anything major comes back at this stage, because we are so agile as a small Independent brand that isn't run by a corporate structure, we can adapt, adjust, and develop further.  Our inner circle helps us with the name of a product, it's messaging and it's pricing. it's a total collaborative approach to launching products.
I feel like I've really simplified the process for you - there's a lot more detail, if any of you have any questions or want to chat about it head over to our Facebook CODE Beautiful connect group and ask away.  To read more about CODE LLE Lid Lift Enhance click here.


I purchased the eyelash primer and mascara …..what a fabulous difference to my lashes. They look longer and thicker and after using these for a couple of months I am totally delighted.

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