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Change your lipstick depending on your mood

Change your lipstick depending on your mood

Have you ever thought about the simple act of changing your regular lip / blush shade can change your mood and give you a spring in your step?

The Lip Kit & Lip and Cheek kit has an exclusive kit price.

Discover the power of color with our range of mood-boosting lipstick shades. Whether you're feeling bold and confident or soft and romantic, we have the perfect hue to match your mood – choose your shade before you check out.

You could even go for the CODE HTG Kit and get all 3 shades to allow you to revamp your look with a simple swipe of color on your lips and cheeks. You’ll then have the perfect shade to reflect your mood and enhance your natural radiance every day of the week.

Embrace the magic of lip & cheek shades and boost your confidence with every application. Here’s a short clip of me wearing all three shades of HTG with CODE SSL lip liner, watch it here

Have a fantastic Sunday 🐣


Sarah x

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