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Are you conditioning your lashes?

Are you conditioning your lashes?

You condition your hair, so why aren’t you conditioning your lashes?       


There always seems to be new research coming out from the beauty industry and so many questions to answer. How often should you wash your hair? Are makeup wipes really that bad for you? Should I double cleanse or not? It can be really stressful, so let me take this one off your plate and answer it for you. 


YES. YES. YES. You REALLY need to be looking after your lashes and conditioning them. 


In the same way that hair dryers and straighteners can damage our hair, our lashes can also be really easily damaged by makeup removers and fake lashes or lash extensions/inserts.


Just like you use hair conditioners to keep your hair soft, lash conditioners work in a similar way. 


This might be a new product to you, so when you’re looking for a product to add to your routine to help keep your lashes in the best shape possible, look for products that are packed with beneficial oils and vitamins to keep your lashes at maximum health.


CODE FFL (Forget Fake Lashes) is formulated with hydrating and conditioning ingredients to condition lashes and also encourage lash growth. A few applications of this vitamin-E packed mix will ensure your lashes remain nourished and flake-free.


Long, fluttering eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger and instantly open up your face. CODE FFL means you can forget fake lashes and not only be on your way to healthier lashes but it can also help with your brows. The ingredients help your lashes and eyebrows grow longer and ultimately look better. So if you want your lashes and brows looking fuller, thicker and healthier, you need to be using a conditioner like CODE FFL.


So those are our thoughts but here’s what our customers really think…


‘“Thank you CODE, so glad I found your products. They are amazing, they actually do what they say they will.” - Michele Doyle (March 6th 2019)


“Ordered FFL to try it out as I felt it might help with my ageing, thinking lashes. Well it’s now my HERO product, love it so I ordered the VLM mascara and now have two hero products, they are amazing and do exactly what they say they will, adding fullness, length and volume. Perfect for an ageless 67 year old. Recommending to all my friends and family!!!” - Deirdre O’Neil (February 26th 2019)


“CODE FFL is the best ‘undercoat’ for fuller, beautiful lashes. As I’ve got older my lashes have got thinner. This product is excellent at plumping my lashes without clogging. Highly recommended.” - C Leach (3rd March 2019)



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Chloe x


Hi Margaret,
Thanks for getting in touch!
CODE VLM ( https://code-beautiful.com/products/code-vlm-volumising-lengthening-mascara ) is great for achieving long lashes, it’s got a buildable formula so you can keep topping it up to your desired length and it won’t smudge, flake or clump.

The brush has different length bristles so it acts like a comb, use the ‘roots wriggle roll’ technique to apply CODE VLM and your lashes won’t bunch! :)

Hope this helps! Let us know how you get on. x

What products do I need to order to make my lashes look longer and mascara that doesn’t run flake or bunch on my lashes

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