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How to avoid the biggest mascara mistakes....

Don’t pump the mascara wand
, it will get air into the tube and dry out, who needs clumpy lashes ? Aaaand having to buy a new mascara before you need to....! However this brings me onto ...

Change your mascara every three months please ladies..! You do not want to see your mascara under a microscope beyond three months, think super miniature aliens... YES go and bin your mascara if you’ve had it for three months or more!

Do not just whack it on, in sweeping motions, you won’t get the lift you deserve think wiggle not swoop.. check out our tips on how to apply like a pro

Thinking bigger brush equals bigger lashes couldn’t be more wrong but equally a thin brush won’t give you the oomph you need, what you should look out for is a brush with gaps between the bristles, that are different lengths to allow you to get right to the root and capture every lash you have even the tiny ones, don’t forget to use the technique; Roots Wriggle Roll to get the best results from your mascara.

Black mascara is great for all skin tones, it’s all in how much you apply, the more you coat your lashes usually the blacker it gets, bin that brown mascara black is the new must have for us all.

Finally.... please dont go poking yourself in the eye... obvs 😂

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