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Harvey Nichols in Dublin

Sarah and I went to Dublin last week to hang out at Harvey Nichols and chat to customers, it was amazing trying our mascara, CODE VLM, on women and watching their surprise as their lashes grew in front of their very eyes! We chatted with a couple of ladies that have super sensitive eyes - yes who sadly haven't been able to wear mascara for years, we put CODE VLM to the test, applying it using our roots, wriggle and roll technique. They went off to do their shopping and have lunch for a few hours, came back it utter amazement not running, no smudging and no irritation I think we introduced them to their new BFF!

From girls at college to head teachers we saw customer after customer happy with the result and taking CODE VLM home to show off to their friends.

Leaving Harvey Nics on a high we went to meet some gorgeous peeps who work at image magazine in Dublin who are currently trying out CODE VLM too…. We had it on good authority that you can look out for us in the very famous Triona McCarthy's piece in the independent on Sunday next Sunday if you're over in Dublin grab your copy!

We were taken to the very cool restaurant bar called Fade Street Social by Dylan Mcgrath, it's a must visit, amazing food and amazing cocktails, Dublin you were fabulous see you again very soon!

Kirsti x 


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