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Sarah Brock's top tips for a pretty classic wedding make-up look

We've been chatting to award winning make-up artist, Sarah Brock, who very kindly gave us her top tips for a classic wedding make-up look.... over to you Sarah...

My top ten tips for a pretty, classic wedding make-up look :

1 - Use a primer. This will make your foundation last much longer, and will prevent the skin from shining as well as filling in open pores and fine lines.

2 - Choose a foundation that exactly matches your skin - this means the colour and formulation of your foundation. For the best finish, apply with a foundation brush and start in the centre of the face, blending outwards.

3 - Concealer is great to get rid of any unwanted dark shadows that still persist after the foundation. Remember that for under eye circles, your concealer needs to be lighter and more moisturising than the concealer you would use for any blemishes.

4 - To set the foundation and concealer in place, you need to use powder. Use a translucent powder (so it does not change the colour of your foundation) and dust lightly on to face.

5 - Apply a pretty pink/ peach blusher to the apple of your cheek, blending upwards and outwards towards the hair line.

6 - Use a light, matte cream coloured eye shadow from lash line to brow, as an eyeshadow base. Now you can apply the colour of your choice over your eyelid. To make the brows look more lifted, then apply a lighter colour just under the brow bone. Blending is the key to good eye make up. Make sure you don’t leave any harsh lines and remember that the lighter the colour of eyeshadow, the easier it is too apply.

7 - A darker shade of eyeshadow can be used as a liner along the upper lash line, as close to the lashes as possible. You can also bring this shade to the lower lash line if you wish. In order to get more dramatic eyes, you can apply a dark eye pencil in the inner rim of the eye (but make sure the liner is waterproof)

8 – Follow with two coats of CODE VLM mascara for glamorous long lashes that will last all day long  

9 - To keep colour on your lips all day, apply a lipliner before lipstick all over the lip area, so that if your lipstick/gloss wears off, you will still have a hint of colour on your lips. 10 - For wedding day 'touch ups' take a powder compact to remove any shine, your lipstick/ gloss, a couple of cotton buds and a few tissues. Thank you Sarah! :-)  You can check out Sarah's work here and follow her on Twitter


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