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Did you catch CODE Beautiful on QVC?

Hey peeps it's Emma and this is my first little blog…

Our Co-Founder, Sarah Cross, was live on air for three shows last Thursday AND it was my first experience going to the QVC studios in Chiswick, it was a super long day but what a fab experience! It was great to meet some of the presenters like Kathy Tayler, Simon Biagi, Alison Young, as well as some brand owners and investors. Sharing Sarah's dressing room was Dragons' Den's, Kelly Hoppen, who couldn't wait to try CODE Beautiful mascara and said "it truly is one of the best mascara's I've ever had #amazing #mascara #essential #musthave" thanks Kelly you're our fave dragon :-)

We've done quite a few QVC shows now, it's cool mixing and sharing experiences with the other presenters and brand owners.  I know Sarah gets a real buzz out of it, and a massive adrenaline rush after the show.  QVC is a great way for us to share the CODE Beautiful story and to demonstrate live on air the amazing results you get from our CODE Volumising Lengthening Mascara.

We're back on air in July, so keep your eyes peeled for the date on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages… 

Did you catch the show? Comment below and let us know what you thought? xx

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