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Another day another celeb - Kym Marsh

So another day another celeb using and loving CODE Beautiful mascara, thanks to the very fabulous Armand Beasley this time…..we are super proud that pretty much everyone who tries CODE Mascara LOVES it and doesn't look back to having numerous mascara's in their makeup bags to create different looks for their lashes. The beauty about CODE VLM is that it's one product that creates the perfect look for you. Whether its one coat for a glamorous natural look or you can build it up and add a few coats to create more of a dramatic evening look.

We have many make up artists using CODE Beautiful VLM as a staple in their kit, Celebrity Make Up Artist Armand Beasley, recently introduced CODE Volumising Lengthening Mascara at the diamond ball, Hilton Hotel in Manchester, to the very gorgeous Kym Marsh (we love Kym's look!) :-)

Always makes our day when we see someone looking gorgeous in our mascara!

Check out Armand's work (big love Armand xx ) : http://armandinternationalltd.com

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