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Our first QVC show

Our first show on QVC was a big event for Kirsti and I ! I likened it yesterday as a bit like getting married, well how I'd imagine it is getting married… there was sooo much planning build up and nervous energy in the run up to the show…

...then in minutes it was all over… !

It was a little surreal and afterwards I found myself saying "I wish I'd have said that…", and "I had so much more to say!" but oh my how QVC is such a slick machine! Little old me panicking about where my mic was going to go, would I get hand shake applying CODE VLM to myself? how would they change set so quickly? and the floor manger summed it all up to me.. 'Sarah don’t worry we've got it' and they sure did!

A wonderful experience and whilst it was a whirlwind, and the most nerve wrecking thing I’ve ever done, it was actually fun and I wanted it to do it again straight afterwards!

We know that Alison Young is a big fan and was wearing our mascara on the show, as was I, one eye with and one eye without!  You can read what Alison thinks here and if you missed the show you can watch again here ( you have to be on a computer not your phone… just click the word video above the picture of CODE VLM. We can’t wait to see what the QVC viewers think of our fabulous mascara…

Let us know what you think of our very first show!

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