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The trials and tribulations of a bride

Hey my name is Tara and the girls at CODE Beautiful have asked me to share my wedding day story with you...

So after months of planning and sleepless nights my wedding day has finally arrived! All that’s left to do is get myself looking my best for my soon to be husband.

If I’m honest one of the things that has been worrying me the most is what to do with my eyes. You see the problem is that I love a good happy sob; in truth I’m like a hose just waiting to be unkinked. I am known to cry (a lot) at weddings so what am I going to be like at my own? Hell, I even cry at X-factor, Downtown, Emmerdale even TV ads! So you see I’m faced with an awful dilemma… Running mascara in all of my wedding photos is not a good look.

The morning of my wedding my make-up artist arrives and sees what a state I am in and most importantly the amount of work she has to do to make this hot, sweaty, red, tear stained face almost presentable. The only thing she says is and I quote ‘you’re a crier then?!’ the understatement of the century! I am sure a crying bride is a make-up artist’s worst nightmare but mine seemed unfazed. She was more worried about the foundation streaks than the mascara! The reason being…..CODE Beautiful! She told me that this new generation mascara is the guru of all mascaras and it will not run! HALLELUIA! Its patented formula not only lengthens and volumises lashes but it is also tear proof! Just what I needed to hear and in fact as the relief washed over me, you guessed it, I released another wave of tears!

After my make-up artist had finished, I looked in the mirror and instantly saw the difference in my lashes, they were so long and thick! I couldn't believe it; I looked like I had false lashes on! No mascara has ever done this before, I thought it must be a technique that she used but she assured me that the mascara did all the work. It is also ‘buildable’ meaning you can keep coating it on to build more volume without it clumping!

At this very moment my father came into the room in his suit, he stood and looked at me and I could see tears filling his eyes. You guessed it! Cue the water works! Straight after having my make-up done! Wonderful!  I quickly got some tissue! Looking in the mirror to assess the damage that had been made, I was shocked! The mascara hadn't run! And it was fresh on! Only the foundation had streaked a little. At that very moment I knew that this amazing mascara would get me through the most emotional day of my life! A match made in heaven.

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