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1 product 4 ways

Do you know how multi-functional CODE LLE Lid lift enhance is?  
Yes, it is an amazing concealer, but it is also so much more.   
My fave use for CODE LLE is as a lid lifter as having hooded eyes CODE LLE opens them up. I do this by applying two small dots to my eyelid and gently patting the product in from my lash line right up to my brow bone.  
It is also great for priming your eyelids when you want to make your eyeshadow last alll day and smooth out those fine lines.   
If you enjoy a natural eyeshadow look, the shade deep moments can be used to give you a lovely brown day shadow look.   
Depending on your skin tone it can even be used to contour and bronze. I know contouring can sound like an extra faff but CODE LLE makes it easy for those of us that really don’t have time to mess about with their make-up it really is quite simple…. 
All you need to do is place the product where you would normally catch the sun or want to bring in like your cheekbones for example, for me it would be just at the top of my forehead, under my cheekbones and sometimes under my chin, just a few dots and then gently blend it in with my finger or a brush. It gives a lovely natural bronzed look and slims down my face when I’ve overindulged in all the chocolate in the cupboard! 
Here is a video of me showing where I apply CODE LLE when contouring.


Not only will CODE LLE have you looking great (in whichever way you chose to apply it) but feeling great too. It's lifting active ingredients work together to smooth and soften for a sublimely radiant silky finish. Your skin will feel great.   


Here is a video of Sarah talking you through how she includes CODE LLE in a day to night make up look 


Bought Forget Fake Lashes and this product really does work. My lashes looked amazing and as a woman of 63, look natural, fuller without looking false. Thank you!

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